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Anne-Marie Carbonell, MD
Founder, CEO & Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Carbonell received her MD from St. Louis University (AOA, 1st in class) and trained in neurosurgery at the Cleveland Clinic. Prior to OncoSynergy, she gained valuable experience at MicroVention®, where she led pivotal trials at 35 clinical sites ultimately leading to FDA approval of 2 intracranial stents for treatment of brain aneurysms. At OncoSynergy, she translated decades of bench work into a manufactured product and successfully led FDA approval for our lead indication, glioblastoma. Leveraging her unique dual perspective as a clinician and patient, Dr. Carbonell leads OncoSynergy’s Phase I trial at Moffitt Cancer Center. Dr. Carbonell’s goal is to keep OncoSynergy at the forefront of translational science, medicine, and technology. She does so in part through her role as Principal Investigator on 2 active NIH grants, through active involvement in the Society of Neuro-oncology, and as a Senior Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Advisor to Ever Network (a Digital Health Company).

Danelle Rolle-McFarland, PhD, MPH
Clinical Research Scientist

As Clinical Research Scientist, Dr. Rolle-McFarland oversees OncoSynergy’s Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Control (CMC) Program, ensuring a cohesive collaboration among our CROs and expert CMC consultant. Prior to OncoSynergy, she completed a 1-year postdoc in Cancer Epidemiology at Moffitt Cancer Center, our Phase I clinical trial site, making her a natural fit to our team and mission. Furthermore, she translated the foundation of her postdoc work into developing and launching OncoSynergy’s tissue biomarker program, enabling collection of valuable data not usually captured in a Phase I trial. Dr. Rolle-McFarland received her BA in Chemistry from the College of Saint Benedict and a PhD and MPH from Purdue University, with a focus on Epidemiology and Public Health. She also authored several peer-reviewed publications, with her most recent contribution at OncoSynergy entitled “Endpoint in Ovarian Cancer Xenograph Model Predicted by Nighttime Motion Metrics,” which has been published in Nature Lab Animal.

Ambar Picon
VP of Corporate/Clinical Operations

Ms. Picon has extensive experience working hand in hand with C-suite and expertise in integrating efficient processes to position company operations for venture success. She takes pride in her keen process-oriented solutions and proactively problem-solving. Ms. Picon’s leadership has empowered our virtual, capital efficient business model. She also plays an active role in coaching team members, instilling key corporate values and concepts critical to OncoSynergy’s success. Ms. Picon’s background includes pre-medical studies and supporting top doctors and managing partners at private medical offices, gaining her valuable patient care experience. Frustrated with inefficiencies negatively affecting workflow and patient care, she implemented streamline operations which reduced costs and recovered money left on the table.  Self-driven and passionate about making an impact in areas of unmet needs, Ms. Picon joined OncoSynergy’s mission in 2019 and has quickly become a rising star within our team.

Coming Soon!
Clinical Trials Manager 



We’re excited to be hiring a new CTM and can’t wait to share a brief bio of our new team member. Stay tuned.

Gregory Wilson, MBA
Consulting CFO

Mr. Wilson received his MBA in Accounting from the University of Colorado and a BS in Biological Science from Colorado State University. He has more than 30 years’ experience in a variety of companies ranging from start-up to Fortune 500, public to private, and domestic to international. Prior to consulting, he was CFO at Micronics Computers (acquired by Diamond Multimedia) and Dyamics Isolation Systems (acquired by Berwind). Mr. Wilson’s early finance career stems with Gates Corporation, the majority owner of LearJet.

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